A few reflections on people management

I fundamentally believe in a model of management that is one of enabling your staff/team members to perform their roles as best they can.  The manager as facilitator.  But boy can that be hard work at times! There are so many interdependent factors where you might seek influence or be responsive to and the outcomes of interventions you make are often so unpredictable. These factors include:

  • Motivations
  • Role definitions and renegotiations
  • Task definition
  • Skills development
  • Making the best use of existing skills
  • Resource distribution both financial and people
  • Work and non-work related issues that impact on performance
  • Vision (both communication and joint development of)
  • etc.

Then across any team you need to be responsive to the diversity of:

  • Communication styles
  • Preferred ways of working
  • Preferred ways of of being managed
  • Personality types
  • etc.

Despite the challenges I hope I never get in the position of managing at the level that is essentially dealing with notional people.  I prefer and believe I am at my best dealing with people as people; as individuals.  One the greatest compliments ever paid to me was by a professor from a European university that had been part of an EU project I had lead back in the 1990s:

“Martyn has the rare ability to both be able to lead a team and be part of that team”

I hope that still remains true.  If my staff read this they are welcome to comment – either way!

OK enough reflection back on with the work.


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