Short note on: Acessibility and eAssessment

I have recently had to write a project report on Accessibility in eAssessment and am developing a journal paper about the same.  Here are a few of the issues and my thoughts on them:

1. Most exams or tests are time limited and a standard accomodation for disabled students is to allow more time.  It occurred to me that these time constrains are more to do with organisational planning than having intrisic value in the assessment itself.

2. Another standard accommodation, providing diagram descriptions, leads to a particular challenge in the assessment context.  It is all to easy for such descriptions to simply give the answer away.  So here accessibility is a pedagogic issue as well as  a technical one.

3. Most availible codes of practice for accessibility in education cover the assessment issues, when such assessmentments are offered on-line, very poorly.  The otherwise good QAA CoP from the UK is a case in point here.

For more information see my paper when published.


One thought on “Short note on: Acessibility and eAssessment

  1. Hi Martyn,

    Found this via twitter – and interested to read about your work on accessible e-assessment. We have also been doing a bit of work in this area, focusing on quality of tool to authors in the creation of accessible assessments.

    We published a summary of our results in a paper at the CAAC 08 conference held at Loughborough last year – the conf proceedings are online somewhere but you can also find the paper here:

    Be interested to share results/thoughts…


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