It’s been a while ….

A beautiful poem from my sister-in-law about her autistic son. I read it with a smile because I know and love him!

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Well, it’s nearly ten months since I last posted.  There is a reason for that.

In June 2013 the husband of a very good friend of mine passed away.  My friend and her husband have been a huge support to me over the years and I truly value their friendship and interest in my adventures.

This gentleman was a journalist and, at times, had tried to encourage me into journalism but I resisted believing that this was not the right path for my life.  Therefore, as a tribute I decided to fulfil a secretly held desire to write creatively and last October I began a Creative Writing course with the Open Univserity.

The course hasn’t been easy and, at times, it’s been totally discouraging but I am now halfway through and considering signing up for Advanced Creative Writing in October (eek!).  I’m hesitant to make my writing public but my…

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