Planning for Life After Academia

In December 2015 I accepted voluntary redundancy from the Open University after 18 years of working for that wonderful organisation.  The terms were generous and I did not have to hurry into earning money so could think about what I would do next.  In the 1990s I had been an independent consultant trading as  “Technology for Disabled People”  (TDP) and one possibility was to return to that role.  However, as I discussed this with various friends and former colleagues it became evident that this could at this stage be more than a one man band.  So instead it was decided that TDP would this time become a network of 6 or more consultants working, marketing and managing their services together.

So, this is what I have been working towards setting-up still under the trading name  “Technology for Disabled People”  (TDP).  This is going to be constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC).  A CIC is a company registered with Companies House but one which any profit made has to be ploughed back into the business or donated to community projects.   A website is under development at   There is a blog included on that site which will probably become my main work related blog, although I will still post my more academic posts here.

One thought on “Planning for Life After Academia

  1. Hi there. A really interesting update as it mirrors some of my aspirations, but I am coming from a different point of interest. I’m an IT trainer for some years, and have found myself working with physically disabled people as I feel the challenge is worthwhile, especially when trying to make a budget package for people with not much disposable income. I work a lot with UcandoIT in SE London, which is really rewarding, and attempting to network and draw together a consortium or collection of digitally driven professionals to pursue these goals in the frontline of health and social care. Herding cats is an understatement. Power to your elbow and keep the updates flowing!

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