About me

I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University (OU) in the UK. I have both an externally funded research role and an internal consultancy role on all issues to do with disabled people’s access to education, especially eLearning. The OU has currently about 20’000 (12%) disabled students.  My core areas of interest and activity are:

  • Learner Analytics and accessibility / disabled student support
  • Accessibility Metrics
  • Access to mathematics (and other symbolic languages) on the Web
  • Web accessibility standards, policies and best practice (WCAG2.0 and BS8878)
  • Content personalisation for accessibility
  • Metadata Standards supporting systems approaches to web accessibility
  • Social Software approaches to accessibility
  • Accessibility in eAssessment
  • Remote control of teaching labs promoting access for disabled students to the science and engineering curricular

More information at: http://iet.open.ac.uk/people/m.cooper


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Martin
    Peter Cudd referred to you when I was asking his idea’s to get a speaker on a conference.
    The conference will be held on May 22-23 2014 in the Netherlands Heerlen
    It is directed towards “Education and Care and Technology”. It is organized as a AAATE event; meaning 4 keynotes and lots of discussion /interaction
    I would appreciate if you would consider to come and give a keynote lecture.
    Let’s discuss the theme of that lecture by phone or email
    You can reach me through Skype (Charles.willems1) or email (Charles.willems@zuyd.nl)
    preferably on next Friday afternoon
    Looking forward to your response

    senior lecturer
    Zuyd University of applied sciences
    (formerly Inst of Rehabilitation sciences IRV)

  2. Hi Martyn! What is the copyright clause on your blog post. Cannot find any CC badge or declaration… I wanted to share some of your blogs in the work of ISO SC36 on LA.

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